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If you’re running a busy industrial operation in Watkinsville or surrounding areas, you will need flooring that best supports your operations while causing the least hassle and maintenance. In that case, you should consider seamless epoxy coatings.

What is industrial epoxy flooring

Epoxy concrete coating creates one of the most robust flooring solutions for industrial properties, capable of handling heavy machinery and vehicle traffic without cracking or chipping. Epoxy coatings are strong and long-lasting while requiring minimum maintenance. Cleaning and sanitation are also simple due to a single seamless surface that covers the floor edge-to-edge.
When installed correctly, epoxy floors create an exceptionally strong and resilient working surface that can last for 10-20 years of hard service with minimal repairs or maintenance.
Epoxy floor coatings can be easily customized to meet industry safety requirements. In addition, additives that enhance anti-microbial protection, proof it against chemicals or increase slip resistance can be added. This makes epoxy robust and versatile in a wide range of industrial operations.
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Warehouse Efficiency with Durable and Customizable Flooring Solutions

In the fast-paced environments of warehouses and distribution centers, flooring maintenance and repairs are simply not a viable option. The success of these facilities is largely contingent on the uninterrupted movement of trucks and forklifts to meet productivity demands. Seamless epoxy and concrete flooring systems are specifically created for such environments, providing the reliability and durability required to maintain operations without interruption. In addition, these flooring systems ensure that the performance requirements of the space are met, enabling production to continue unimpeded.
At SIC'EM EPOXY, we specialize in installing top-quality flooring systems specifically designed for warehouse, distribution, and air & ground carrier facilities. Our flooring systems can be customized to include line striping and color segregation, which can be used to indicate designated areas for pallets and equipment storage and movement.
Epoxy is one of the strongest materials you could choose for a warehouse floor. It has genuinely superior resistance to crushing forces and can easily stand up to the use of heavy vehicles such as forklifts and cherry-pickers. In addition, epoxy floors can easily last for 20 years or more with little maintenance.
Give us a call or schedule a site visit with one of our installation specialists to discover how effective our epoxy and urethane flooring systems can be for your Watkinsville and surrounding warehouse and logistical center.
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Improve Safety with epoxy floor coatings

Epoxy floor coatings can help you improve safety and minimize costly accidents in your warehouse or industrial facility. Some of the benefits epoxy floors can have are:
  • Safety lines - at SIC'Em EPOXY we can add safety lines to the floor that will help guide your staff, vehicles and equipment.
  • Silica Sand - incorporating silica sand to epoxy, can increase traction, provide and anti-slip surface and minimize slip and fall incidents when the floors are wet.
  • Solid Color - choosing a solid color epoxy with a gloss topcoat, can significantly increase lighting in your warehouse, thanks to its light-reflective properties.
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