Epoxy Flooring: The Smart Choice for Any property

Floor coating is made easy with our professional flooring services in Watkinsville and surrounding. Get the best looking floors for your property today!

Expert Staff

Let our certified installers take care of laying down the perfect epoxy floor for your property. Our team is fully trained to perform an incredible job.

Best Material

We only use top-quality epoxy resins. Our floors are highly durable, slip-resistant and can last years to come.

Fast Work

We make the epoxy floor installation process fairly simple and easy. We will ensure your floor is installed in the fastest possible time to minimize any interruption to your business.


We offer a variety of high-performance epoxy concrete floor solutions. Our seamless, durable, long-lasting concrete flooring solutions are designed for commercial and industrial markets.

At SIC'EM EPOXY, our mission is to provide our customers with long-lasting and high quality epoxy flooring. Our detail-oriented team is certified and experienced in installing epoxy floors, and we are backed by industry-leading manufacturers.

Our Decorative Epoxy floor systems

Epoxy Flake Floor System

Flake floors are a multi-layered system comprising of vinyl flake chips that are broadcasted over top of an epoxy base coat, sealed with either quick drying polyaspartic topcoat or a polyurethane topcoat. This system is water and weather-resistant, chip, scratch, chemical and stain-resistant. Its strong surface makes it ideal for use in residential garages, outdoor surfaces and in busy commercial settings.

Metallic Epoxy Floors

Metallic epoxy floors are the most decorative flooring systems on the market. Their beautiful, marble-like appearance makes them highly requested for homes and businesses. It's a mixture of colored basecoat and layered metallic powder pigments, applied using different application techniques. These floors are always one-of-a-kind, non-porous, light-reflective and easy to maintain and clean.

Epoxy Quartz System

This is a multi-layered system that consists of an epoxy basecoat and broadcasted epoxy quartz granules that are sealed with a protective topcoat. Quartz floors are extremely durable, stain, chemical, scratch and chip resistant. Their durable, waterproof feature makes them ideal for outdoor settings and industrial or commercial settings that experience constant moisture and heavy traffic.

Solid Epoxy Floor

Most traditional epoxy floor systems. Available in bright, light-reflective colors to increase safety in commercial facilities. Non-porous, durable, stain and scratch resistant. Easy to maintain and clean. Silica sand can be incorporated for an increased anti-slip surface. Ideal for interior use in residential homes, commercial warehouses and retail stores.

Why choose epoxy Flooring for your property


When compared to traditional flooring solutions, epoxy coatings are cost-effective due to their easy maintenance and durability. No more stripping, polishing or waxing, just a regular mop is enough to ensure you have glossy new looking floors for years. It is also incredibly simple to do one simple re-coat if necessary after many years.


At SIC’EM, we strive for beauty in everything we do, especially with epoxy floors. There are many different designs and finishes available in order to make sure that your floors look elegant while being practical.


We will customize your floor to use the best products on the market in order to match your requests. We look to use products that are highly resistant to the damaging effects of moisture, chemical exposure, daily wear-and-tear, high traffic, hot tires, road salts and busy daily life.
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We will help you choose the right floor

Seamless flooring solutions are not one-size-fits-all, and at SIC'EM EPOXY, we understand this. As experts in epoxy floors, it is our responsibility to inform and educate our customers about the various products and systems that are suitable for their particular space. Each environment necessitates distinct flooring capabilities, such as anti-slip, anti-microbial, chemical resistance, impact resistance, or abrasion and wear resistance.
You can rely on us to assist you every step of the way. We will collaborate with you closely to develop, design, and implement the appropriate flooring solution for your space.
Give us a call to schedule a free consultation for your upcoming flooring project.

Make a change with your epoxy floor

By choosing SIC'EM EPOXY, you not only receive a stunning new floor, but you also contribute to our community.
We are giving 10% of the proceeds from each install split evenly between Wish.org & K9sforwarriors.org charities.

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SIC'EM EPOXY values delivering a high quality floor to our customers.
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